28 Reasons to go Canoeing: 28: Look forward to that next beer.

Inn to Inn Guided Canoe Trips to France and Belgium

Thinking about a Trappist Beer whilst paddling on the Semois river in the Belgium Ardennes

Look forward to that next beer.

What is the point of exercise if you can’t look forward to a reward at the end of it? Without a doubt it is important to keep hydrated whilst canoeing and I’m not suggesting you should paddle with a case of beer along-side you. After all if you wanted to do this then you may as well go tubing in Texas. Which is not a bad idea except for the quality of beer. (OK OK I know you can find some lovely micro-brews in the USA these days).

Ideally you want to be canoeing from Inn-to-Inn, and I mean this in the literal sense of river-side pub to river-side pub. So this wont be your outback kind of river, but more perhaps a small rural stream in the deepest Ardennes of Belgium.

A place where you could make a start on exploring the varied tastes of some remarkable beers. Starting, of course, with the Trappist Beers which are still brewed by monks.

It is very fortunate that the Semois river flows so close to the two featured on the poster: Rochefort and Orval. A good place to start.



Details of our Inn-to-Inn Guided Canoe Trips and our brochures.


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