Winter 2015/16 Newsletter


Hand-crafted and Fully Guided Canoe Trips that combine the pleasures of paddling down tranquil rivers with an insight into the history and natural history of the region whilst we enjoy the local cuisine and stay in small Inns and B&Bs as we make our way gently downstream in beautiful & dramatic countryside.


Canoeing in 2016

In the Perigord, Lot, Gard, Ardeche, and Tarn regions in France

In the Belgium Ardennes

In Kent, in the Garden of England

And in Vermont, USA

Hi from the Steves at Green River Canoes. Welcome to our Winter Newsletter where we summarise our Tours & Schedules for the 2016 season.

Now is the time to plan for those excursions to the warmth & beauty of next spring or summer and to look forward to the colours of next autumn & fall.

Our tours also touch on the culture of the places we visit and we make sure to spend time visiting Castles, Chateaux, and pretty villages & towns. In particular we visit the 30,000 year old cave paintings in these regions at Chauvet , Lascaux  & Pech Merle () for example as well as some of the more minor caves.

We also taste the regional specialities of the local cuisine and try the local wines too.

We will enjoy the scenery and wildlife as we idly paddle down these beautiful rivers and we’ll pay attention to the flowers in the meadows, the butterflies and dragonflies and the birds that accompany us down the river.

Subsequent posts will provide a description of each of our tours with information on our scheduled dates for the season. If you are a group of at least 4 then we will do our best to schedule any trip for any date of your choosing. Our shorter and longer trips have no fixed dates anyway so please enquire if you have dates in mind.

Our Tours to the Belgium Ardennes, the Tarn Gorge, the Garden of England and Vermont USA have an explorer 10% discount applied to them and all we need is four people to make a tour viable.

If you are impatient to see the details of our tours then you can access the full newsletter here. But the most recent dates and full descriptions of each tour can be found on our website.



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