3 Day Inn-to-Inn Guided Canoe Trip to Kent in the Garden of England


Trip Description

This is a 2 Night, 3 Day trip where we spend a long week-end (or a mid-week break) exploring the trails and rivers of the County of Kent in S.E. England. More details and more photographs and a map of the area covered are on our main website here.

This trip explores the south eastern corner of England in the County of Kent: often known as the Garden of England.

Over the trip we will canoe on the River Stour, outside Canterbury and on the Medway.

In addition we will also hike a couple of trails in the area: in particular a section of the Pilgrim’s Way (famous from Chaucer, and also known as the North Downs Way) and also a section of the Kent coast trail where we will stride over the White Cliffs of Dover overlooking the channel.

If you require a further night before departure then we will happily arrange this for you.

This trip is scheduled to run on demand. If you are a group of between 4 and 14 then feel free to choose your own dates and we will do our very best to arrange it.

This trip is an Explorer and has a 10% reduction to 645 Pounds per person.

Groups of more than 14 can be accommodated on special request.

The trip meets & departs from a pre-arranged point in Kent, UK.

The trip includes:


  • Canoeing on 2 different rivers
  • Includes all transfers to & from the rivers
  • Fully Guided whilst on the river & trail
  • Full minibus support throughout
  • Includes all accommodation
  • Includes all breakfasts, lunches and evening meals
  • Hike the PIlgrim’s Way
  • Hike the White Cliffs of Dover


Trip Schedule


Day 1. Arrival and first meeting.

We will meet at our hotel in the early evening and go over the details of the trip before settling down to dinner. If some of our guests arrive in the afternoon then we’d be happy to include a short walk for them (also guided), perhaps a city walk in Faversham itself, or a longer walk out onto Faversham Creek and the Oare Marshes.


Day 2. Canoeing the Stour and striding the White Cliffs

After a hearty breakfast we will drive to Fordwich to rendezvous with our canoe outfitter for our first paddle. We will take a leisurely meander down the river to Grove Ferry, or possibly onto Pluck’s Gutter.

We will then get ourselves together for a sustaining lunch before embarking on an afternoon hike on the White Cliffs aiming to finish in a suitable pub by the early evening.

A short drive will take us back to our hotel for the evening in plenty of time for dinner.


Day 3. Paddling the Medway and Hiking the Pilgrim’s Way

After breakfast we will drive to our put-in on the Medway river and begin our second paddle of the trip. Once again we will find somewhere to have our picnic lunch.

In the afternoon we will walk along part of the Pilgrim’s Way route along the ridges of the North Downs, possibly finding a Plantagenet grave in a remote church along the way. If we are determined we can once again ensure the days walk finishes at a suitable pub.

At the end of the day we shall make our farewells and return to our base before departing.

Except, that is, for those guests who would like to stay over a further night. We will instead have a convivial dinner and talk about the events of the day before retiring.


Day 4. Farewells and the time to leave

For those of you who require a further night we will have a leisurely breakfast before we say our farewells and depart. For those who have a morning to spare we will include another short walk, perhaps in the local, and famous Blean Woods, or in the city of Canterbury.



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