28 Reasons to go Canoeing: 24: You Can Talk About It.

Inn to Inn Guided Canoe Trips to France and Belgium

A facsimile of the ‘Jaws’ poster for Green River Canoes.

You Can Talk About It.

It’s a fact that using the a facsimile of the ‘Jaws’ poster to advertise a trip on the water is probably not wise. But face facts, you are unlikely to see a shark whilst paddling on fresh-water. I say unlikely because fresh-water sharks do inhabit Lake Nicaragua and were apparently trapped there aeons ago when the lake got cut off from the ocean.

But besides that, and I’m told they are small anyway, it is not going to happen. But people do have phobias around water. It may be swimming, in may be the under-water or might be the thinking about all the slimy slippery things that you can’t see beneath you.

Whichever it is we an help you come to terms with it. Canoeing is safe and calm. One of the most pleasing aspects of canoeing in tandem is how the person in the bow (front) can talk freely without facing the person in the stern (back) who can listen intensely without interrupting.

Whatever is bothering you can then be addressed to the open air, a surprisingly benign listener.

This can, and often does, help.



Details of our Inn-to-Inn Guided Canoe Trips and our brochures.


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