28 Reasons to go Canoeing: 22: Enjoy the sun going down.

Inn to Inn Guided Canoe Trips to France, Ardeche

The sun sets over the Ardeche river at Aigueze

Enjoy the sun going down.

Staying on the river as the sun goes down on a beautiful day can be an entrancing experience. Of course it depends if you’ve got somewhere to go or a definite destination, but if you have planned carefully then being out on the water as the day ends is often transcendental.

Of course more often than not you will experience this because you are running late and your destination has mysteriously become further away. No matter enjoy it. For some reason the world becomes even quieter at this time, as the wind drops and the water often becomes calmer.

Very often you will find yourself in the long shadows, especially on those bends in the river where the sun disappeared over a cliff. But paddle on and you may find the last of the sun. You might be tired and you may be worried about not finding a place to camp but somehow the golden rays at the end of the day raise your spirits.

If you’re lucky enough to be camped beside a lake and the sun starts to go down in a spectacular fashion then you should take the opportunity to paddle out into the pink.



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