28 Reasons to go Canoeing: 16: Taste the Loneliness

Inn to Inn Guided Canoe Trips, France and Belgium

A lone paddler on the vast expanse of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela at dawn.

Taste the Loneliness

Canoeing on a huge open expense of water with acres of water around you and a very distant shore can be forbidding. You know it will take a huge effort to get yourself back to land but at the same time you can relax and let yourself wonder at how alone you are under the firmament.

When I’ve canoed out in the centre of Scottish Lochs or the wild lakes of central Sweden I’ve often stopped to draw breath and then become overwhelmed by the sense of loneliness and emptiness. The feeling can grab you suddenly and quickly make you nervous and apprehensive about where you are. But a deep breath and a hard swallow later and you can enjoy it for what it is.

An escape from the usual noisy madness.


Details of our Inn-to-Inn Guided Canoe Trips and our brochures.


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