28 Reasons to go Canoeing: 12: Follow the stars

Inn-to-Inn Guided Canoe Trips

A night scene from a paddle underneath a full moon passing the Castle at Castelnaud on the Dordogne river in France.

Follow the stars

Have you ever tried canoeing at night? It can be tricky but if you choose a clear night with a full moon and you paddle a stretch of river you have paddled many times before then you are in for a treat.

The water glistens, the stars shine and perhaps a few distant buildings are still lit up. We’ve canoed a stretch of the Dordogne in France where the castles are lit up until midnight. It’s an amazing sight. And then the lights go off and the river regains its own dark beauty.

You have to attune your senses to the sounds of the river as only the faintest glisten gives the movement of the water away. Strange plops and splashes herald some activity by the wild-life perhaps, but you cannot be sure.

Just be careful though and keep a torch handy and I would avoid the rapids!

My photography blog tells the story of a particular night when I went out to take a night time shot of the lights over Beynac castle.


Details of our Inn-to-Inn Guided Canoe Trips and our brochures.


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