28 Reasons to go Canoeing: 4: Get your own Supper

Canoe Fishing Ardennes

Steve tries fishing from his canoe on the Semois in the Belgium Ardennes

Get your own Supper

Hunting down something to eat in the wild is hard. Setting traps is tricky and pursuing prey is difficult too. Fishing on the other hand is relatively simple. With a little skill and some patience you have a good chance of being able to catch your own supper.

You may not have the skills to stand up to your waist fly-fishing or the patience for standing on the bank for hours, but the art of trolling for fish as you go is well worth trying.

With any luck you have been taught how to gut and clean a fish. Perhaps by your Father. It’s not that difficult though, unless you are particularly squeamish.

First of all make sure your fish is dead. Otherwise it’ll hop and writhe about a bit in your hands and it may make a slithery bid for freedom. A little bash to the head will do if you cannot wait for it to expire. It is a cruel world.

Slit open the underside along the bottom seam and spill out the guts and stuff and give it a good rinse in the river. Top and tail it if you wish and strip out the backbone, although this is not necessary on a small trout for example. Open the fish into a butterfly shape or cut in two halves and fry quickly in a hot buttered pan. A sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon and you’re ready to go.


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